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Today's stories[9.16.01]

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Microsoft Corp announced that they would purchase the
source the PenPoint operating system for the value of
one of Bill Gates eye-lashes (est. value $1.3 million).
Gates was quoted as saying "we are only doing what the
consumer has asked us to do: ship huge, bloated,
bug-ridden programs while using every trick in the book
to kill our competitors. As an example of our progress,
consider Windows CE which paints the screen slower on a
75 MHz MIPS RISC processor than the 16 MHz 68000 in the
Palm Pilot, while sucking the batteries dry in a tenth
the time." 

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From Time magazine, "Numbers" section: $5 million: Estimated annual cost for a 10-year program that would identify large asteroids most threatening to earth. $75 million: Budget for "Deep Impact", a film about the devastation caused when a comet hits earth.
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U.S. Lawmaker Says He Is Worried About E-Mail Pregnancy Citing the case of a woman who claims she got pregnant from e-mail, an Ohio Democrat called Wednesday for a "chastity chip" for the Internet. Rep. James Traficant, known for his flamboyant rhetoric, gave a brief floor speech about a woman named Frances who claimed to have gotten pregnant through an e-mail exchange with a paramour 1,500 miles away. "That's right -- pregnant," he proclaimed, warning of the dangers of "immaculate reception." He called on Congress to go beyond "v-chips" that would protect kids from sexual content on the Internet, saying, "Its time for Congress to act. The computers do not need a v-chip. The Internet needs a chastity chip."
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