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Today's poems[9.21.01]

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There was a young man named O'Malley 
            Who was fucking his gal in the alley, 
                When right at the start 
                Whe let a small fart, 
            Said O'Malley to Sally, "Now r'ally!" 

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There was a young man of Newminster Court Bugger'd a pig, but his prick was too short. Said the hog, "It's not nice, But pray take my advice: Make tracks, or by the police you'll be caught."
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A lacklustre lady of Brougham Weaveth all night at her loom. Anon she doth blench When her lord and his wench Pull a chain in the neighboring room.
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There was an old gent from Kentuck Who boasted a filigreed schmuck, But he put it away For fear that one day He might put it in and get stuck.
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There was a young fellow named Goff Whose amusement was jacking it off He pulled it so hard It stretched out a yard. And turned to bright blue and fell off.
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