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Today's stories[3.8.01]

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As senior citizens, my wife and I support each others memory,

or lack of it.  One night while sitting at the kitchen table

we were chatting about garden chores.  It remended me of something

I had to get from the garage.  When I got to the door, my mind

went blank.  I returned to the table a asked my wife what it

was I was going to get.  She looked up at me with a curious

stare and asked, "Just who in the hell are you?"

Sent by E. R S

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OK one time me and two of my friends went over to another friends house expecting him to be home but nobody was. We had also remembered that his parents were out of town for the week, so we decided to go inside and wait for him. So I slipped in through the oversize dog door. Once we were inside we got a little bit bored so we decided to leave , but before we did I came across a great idea. You see his mom collects teddy bears and had hundreds of them placed all around the house. So we gathered allmost all of them and placed them in the living room and sat them on couches, chairs and the floor all facing the TV.Just then I found a videotape of Barny (EVERYONES FAVORITE PURPLE FRIEND) So we put in the tape and left the remote control in the biggest bears lap with the volume all the way up and then left. Later that night we called him and told him that we were coming over, he sounded worried. When we arrived he answered the door with a shotgun in his hand, he was scared shitless. Turns out that he and his girlfriend called the cops and had to explain the whole story, The found nothing,laughed and left. To this day he dosent understand what happened and sometimes we joke around with him about it. Since only 3 of us know about it there is always new people that think he is crazy. Sent by ethan
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Olympic ice skater Oksana Baiul was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Her BAC was rated at: 0.168 0.165 0.167 0.169 0.165 0.166 0.099 USA CAN JAP ITY SWE CHI RUS
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