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Today's poems[3.7.01]

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Part 6 of 12
                    Spurred on by a very high wager
                    With an envious German named Bager,
                            He'd proceeded to fart
                            The complete oboe part
                    Of a Hayden Octet in B-Major.

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Part 5 of 12 He was great in the Christmas Cantata, He could double-stop fart the Toccata, He'd boom from his ass Bach's B-Minor Mass, And in counterpoint, La Traviata.
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Part 4 of 12 He'd fart a gavotte for a starter, And fizzle a fine serenata. He could play on his anus The Coriolanus: Oof, boom, er-tum, tootle, yum tah-dah!
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Part 3 of 12 This sparkling young farter from Sparta, His fart for no money would barter. He could roar from his rear Any scene from Shakespeare, Or Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado.
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Part 2 of 12 He could vary, with proper persuasion, His fart to suit any occasion. He could fart like a flute, Like a lark, like a lute, This highly fartistic Caucasian.
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