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Today's poems[3.30.01]

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A lawyer who was a newlywed groom
Took his bride to their honeymoon room
But they talked the whole night
As to who had the right
To do what, with which, and to whom. 

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Pardon My French ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The finest culture Comes from Frontz And hoe-knee-swat-key Molly-ponce! Sally learned To speak in French She's now a dame And not a wench Dick acquired That language fair And now he's swayve And deb-an-err Speaking French Will prove you're better Show you've got a Rays-on-debtor Read in French And sack-ray-blue! You're sure to find Your tom-pair-doo Write in French And you'll be famous Just like muss-your Albert Camus You can bet Your dairy-air Your French will prove Your salve-war-fare He who is A true believer Shows his Gallic Joyed-a-fever French cuisine Is all the rage So drink Bored-O With soft from-age Wear a little Black beret And eat cross-ants With French calf-A Then there's all That art you know So speak bow-czar And art-new-foe And what a joy To smoke Get-tans While watching films That come from Cans I guess it's not An easy job To be a phony Stuck-up snob... Such games in Frontz They also play But there "c'est snob" To speak anglais!
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There was a young man had the art Of making a capital tart With a handful of shit Some snot and a spit And he'd flavour the whole with a fart.
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There was a young lady of Mott Who inserted a fly up her twat And pretended the buzz Was not what it was, But something she knew it was not.
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There was a young girl, very sweet, Who thought sailors' meat quite a treat. When she sat on their lap, She unbuttoned their flap And always had plenty to eat.
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