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Today's poems[3.18.01]

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When Betty eats sphaghetti
She slurps, she slurps, she slurps,
And when she's finished slurping
She burps, she burps, she burps

Sent by Farah

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Here's a cute little ditty: Little pigeon in the sky, Dropping (things) from way up high, Angry farmer wipes his eye, Very glad that cows don't fly! Sent by tilak
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Hit By A Bus By Andy Christopfel Late God I'm late For I have a date With my professor that is Gotta go Gotta run Gotta hurry, no time for fun shoot me kill me stab me with a knife School is much more important than this precious little life Whizzing past the students Running blindly pass the campus sights I take a step into the street and meet my creator's device Call me an idiot Call me a damn fool I did not do it in the name of love, Rather, in the name of school Pick up the telephone and call that paramedic... While you're at it, call my mommy too But now it's too late, And there's nothing that you can do I can't even speak, scream, yell or cuss Oh my God! Oh my God! I've been HIT BY A BUS Sent by andrew christopfel
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There once was a lady from Worcester, Who thought a man had seduced her. She woke up and screamed, It was only a dream, It was the bump on the matress that goosed her. Sent by Joey D.
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Goodbye Goodbye, you see its time for me to die Itís really been fun living in hell And Iím sure itís beginning to tell; People are already saying God bless, Its time this weary head was put to rest. What is as versatile as a University? Where the social life is a necessity And the girls are all after the looks Rather than what you can do with the books But does the intention ever justify the end. Still there are good things with life Shame they are all double edged knifes For the weapon is not fit as a sword, For all we do with vast sums, is hoard Money it seems will drive us to death. But what are our best days I am told It is question that is not quite so bold For it is something that we all hold the key Before that is when we cease to see School and childhood is the answer. We choose to forget those days As it was all just a dizzy haze It is childish and stupid we are told But itís the most valuable that we hold Reminding ourselves of what was in front. People you see, always see behind From figures to stats which seem to bind. Important we feel they may be But itís more relaxing just to sip tea And try to grasp what our future holds. Goodbye, you see its time for me to die For what Iíve said could all be a lie But if that was true then why do I feel dread As I near my final challenge in facing death Does the intention ever justify the end. Sent by Justin Parker
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